Strong bow


You, mr.theorcskilledmyfamilyandIthuslykillthemwithmybow, are destined to save the human race. You do this by standing on a castle wall and picking them off. It’s basically defend your castle and bowmaster crushed together. I cannot stress how dreadfully cliche the story is, but slamming on the space bar to skip the entire ordeal is always an open option.

The graphics probably weren’t meant to impress, and, sure enough, they don’t. The battleground is basically green, 4 trees, and a sky, and the occasional arrow. Although, I would be lying if I said that the death animations weren’t amusing. Once you get to the point where you can order troops, monotony is broken. The game gets perpetually easier once you buy all the little things that make the orcs die faster.

Childish but won’t really impress anyone.

Exponentially more fun as you progress,

Only sound effects.

You kill them with a bow.

Mouse and 123 buttons.

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