Friday feature! Interview with SirKoolAid!

Let us begin!

So, where did your name originate from?
Um… Actually, I first created a username of Oceanix. Then, later, I met you, and thought you had a pwnsome name, so I created a different account, called MrKoolAid.
Then, SayaBlu asked if she could call me Sir, so I got Oceanix changed to SirKoolAid.

Really? I am blushing right now.
And when did you first join kongregate?

November 2, 2007

Cool, and I understand that you make some games.
Well, the one that’s uploaded to Kongregate isn’t so much of a game as a ‘game’, but I’m working on something that should be much better

Oooooh. Wanna take a second to hype it up?
It’s a pong type game, except everything is random. No physics involved. It’s got levels, and a bunch of random powerups

Sounds solid. I understand that you work with some of your kongregate friends to make games, whats that like?
We haven’t really done anything yet.

What about physcomonkey?
He’s the only one I’m working with. We haven’t had a chance to do much yet.

And is this project with anyone?
No. It’s by myself

Sounds good. And how long have you been moderating for?
Since August 11th.

and do you have any thoughts on what would make moderating easier?
Other than users that never broke the rules?
Well, they jut implemented silences, which I think are a great thing. Not much that I can think of, otherwise, though.

In what rooms can we find you?
Mainly “Oh Yeah!”, given that it is my room, but the other rooms I spend a bit of time in are “Digg Mark 1” and “Cafe Kong”

Oh yeah, huh? And how long have you had that for?
Around a week

Looks like I have run outta questions. Care to shout out to anyone?
Nah. I’ll feel guilty if I forget anyone

Well, thanks for the interview
No problem.

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2 Comments on “Friday feature! Interview with SirKoolAid!”

  1. nerdrock101 Says:

    Nice interview SirKoolAid. 🙂 I’ll be waiting for that game with high anticipation. 😀

  2. SirKoolAid Says:

    Oh Noes! What did I do to myself! 😛

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