Phantom Mansion: The Spectrum Of Souls

Well the series is finally complete. I didn’t bother writing up individual reviews for each game as they were released since they were all pretty similar. Each room introduced a new element and the final room, the Black Sanctum, utilizes all of these elements in gameplay at once.

Video walkthroughs can be found for all individual rooms on YouTube. Nortonius also posts as QED at the Gimme5Games site and he’s done a spectacular job of creating walkthroughs as people request them. So without further adieu, here are the games in the order of their release along with the new feature for each room.
Chapter 1 – The Red Chamber – This is our basic game with zombies and skeletons.
Chapter 2 – The Orange Library – Warp gates galore.
Chapter 3 – The Green Gallery – Magic lamp that shows you hidden paths over the void.
Chapter 4 – The Yellow Tower – Cursed ground will kill you if you don’t find the crucifix first.
Chapter 5 – The Blue Ballroom – Poison is your treat for today. One makes you go in the opposite direction and the other makes you run until you hit a wall.
Chapter 6 – The Indigo Dungeon – Hop-Frog the jester\dwarf is here to beat you up and steal your keys
Chapter 7 – The Violet Vault – Ghosts! Pink ghosts always turn to the left, blue to the right.
Chapter 8 – The Black Sanctum – Yeah…have fun with this one.

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