Reminder that I am still alive! INTERVIEW WITH COLTchr!

Okay, where did your name come from?

Well, it came from Resident Evil. There was this gun there called Colt python .357 and it was my fav gun. So I created a hero with that name.

and the CHR part?

Ah, the three first letters from my first name: CHRis.

Interesting. And how long have you been moderating for?

About a month now.

and where is your moderating focused? (as in room)

Well, nowhere in particular actually. I like to be a wandering mod. Wherever I see people need me that’s where I go

How…..Romantic. But do you have a favorite room to visit?

That I do. It’s The Hall of Odin.

Cool, and what about that room do you like?

That was the first room I entered and soon become a regular. Most part of my friends are in there.

And what do you like about kongregate?

The variety of games you can play. From click and play to full action madness, it’s up to you. It pleases everyone and that’s awesome.

: Oh, got a favorite genre?

Oh yes, I like RPG very much.

: Nice. Well, what do you like to do outside of kongregate? Other than think about kongregate?

: Well, I like to hang out with my childhood friends, ride a bike, go to the beach, jog and watch movies.

Looks like this interview is coming to a close. Got anyone that you wanna shout out?

Haha, no, not really. If I need to I’ll do it personally.

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One Comment on “Reminder that I am still alive! INTERVIEW WITH COLTchr!”

  1. Valkyrie Says:

    And Coltchr is an amazing artist who created all the art for the HoO blog and also is an amazing Akido artist. His martial arts skills are leet! There are just so many sides to him that he is on a class by himself.

    Grats Colt! You are a great addition to Kongregate.

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