About the authors

Thalarion – A gamer that’s been playing for close to 20 years now and has a real passion for the medium. He’s a family man with a baby gamer on the way. Family first, games second, career third πŸ˜›

Fabricant – An Irish gamer that has a strange obsession with toasters. He works hard and plays hard. They say he must be so-many lemons because he is so bitter. He has currently been swamped with work, so posting activity from him will decrease dramatically.

Calamity – An east coast gamer that’s about ready to head into college. We’ll let him fill in more when he gets a chance πŸ™‚

doctormarmalade – Resident smart-aleck, mediator, meditator, and all-around character. He’s in the Cafe more often than not. And as of 7/6/08, he is the new owner of ackk. Yippee!

VenzaelOur first non-Cafe writer πŸ˜› Venzael is an Aussie and hangs out in Scribbles. How’s that for irony? Venzael is now the owner of the Cafe as of 4/14/08. He’s still an Aussie, though.

Iron_Wofle – Residential Difference Engine Swede. DE is Thal’s alma mater, btw πŸ™‚

Jonno_Gradian – A Brit living in the land down under; a gamer, a myth, a legend. Wait, what?

Hoodlum4hire – Yet another Aussie. I see a pattern here…


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