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Reminder that I am still alive! INTERVIEW WITH COLTchr!

October 13, 2008

Okay, where did your name come from?

Well, it came from Resident Evil. There was this gun there called Colt python .357 and it was my fav gun. So I created a hero with that name.

and the CHR part?

Ah, the three first letters from my first name: CHRis.

Interesting. And how long have you been moderating for?

About a month now.

and where is your moderating focused? (as in room)

Well, nowhere in particular actually. I like to be a wandering mod. Wherever I see people need me that’s where I go

How…..Romantic. But do you have a favorite room to visit?

That I do. It’s The Hall of Odin.

Cool, and what about that room do you like?

That was the first room I entered and soon become a regular. Most part of my friends are in there.

And what do you like about kongregate?

The variety of games you can play. From click and play to full action madness, it’s up to you. It pleases everyone and that’s awesome.

: Oh, got a favorite genre?

Oh yes, I like RPG very much.

: Nice. Well, what do you like to do outside of kongregate? Other than think about kongregate?

: Well, I like to hang out with my childhood friends, ride a bike, go to the beach, jog and watch movies.

Looks like this interview is coming to a close. Got anyone that you wanna shout out?

Haha, no, not really. If I need to I’ll do it personally.


Friday feature! Interview with nerdrock101

August 22, 2008

Aloha to ya. Shall we begin?
Fire away.

First up in the line of questions, where is your name from?
Weeell, I really like pet rocks. I always imagined one with glasses, a nerd rock. And, the traditional class suffix 101 was added. Kinda long. >.>

And cute. Now let’s talk about this new room of yours(Lunatic pandora). What’s it’s name story?
Hahaha, not much of a story. The room was someone else’s at first, and I think their choice of name had something to do with Final Fantasy… I just stole their room. XD

And when did you get the room?
Yesterday. So, in a sense I’m still unpacking. Hardy har har.

And when did you join kongregate?
August 13th of last year.

Veteran alert. And a mod for how long?
A couple months I think. Knowing how excited I was, I should remember. XD

Did you want to have a room from the start?
Actually I didn’t know. I found a couple small rooms to hang out in and rotate through, and then finally stopped in Lust. I saw how much sense of community there was in a room.

And how lenient/strict of a moderator do you see yourself as?
I’m pretty lenient overall. But, I’m still finding my place; still a n00b mod.

In your opinion, what would make moderating easier (Maybe make it easier for n00b mods?)
The transition period was pretty tough, when you realize that you’re not calling mods. You do it yourself. Also, that first ban is hard. A little guilt came after. But, it’s nice to feel more active in the fight against evils. :3

I wouldn’t know about this, but doesn’t the letter you get saying that you are a mod now, metaphorically, throw you into the water and tell you to swim, to your own style and whatnot?
It would help if I could swim better. The email is more of a question, and you answer. Then, read the guidelines .(a pretty bare bones description) It’s really about experiences though.
Learn from mistakes, hear what other mods have to say, understand opinions.
And that is advice?
Sure, if it will help anyone else!

And what do you like to do outside of kongregate?
I love hanging out with my friends, playing music, going to school and exploring the great outdoors.

And do you have a rolemodel on kongregate?
Well, there’s a couple. I have to admire Koko, she was my first friend when I ended up in The Lair my first day. I still enjoy talking to her, a really kind person with a good heart.
and Mastry, my other pal I met while I spent some time in Lust. We came to know eachother very well. He’s got such a gentle soul and is quite fun-loving. He always makes me smile. πŸ™‚

And would you like to use this one last spot to give anyone a shout out?
To all my buddies on Kong! And ones I’m soon to meet. πŸ˜€

Thanks for the interview.
No problem!

Friday feature! Interview with awalters

August 8, 2008

Hello and welcome! Now, first things first, how did your name come about?

Just a basic switch around of my real name actually, I made it just different enough to avoid stalkers πŸ˜‰

You sir are a few letters away from anonymity! Now, got a favorite chatroom?

As much as I try to hide it I like Feed the Ducks over all other rooms, my first main room was the van, so any room with most of the old gang is going to get my vote

So, when did you join kongregate, and why?

I was doing a search for flash games and found a link from Jay is Games for one called Anika’s Odyssey. I beat it and then realized that I could have gotten a badge for it, then I joined (got the badge automatically apparently)

Addicted ever since?

I then saw the card challenge and was hooked from then on. I joined on Dec. 17, 2007

And how long have you been a mod for?

somewhere between 2-3 months, I’ll look for the exact date ah, June 24th :), so not as long as I thought. my friend count is 5 times higher in that time in comparison to what it was before XD.

Jolly good. And in the time before modship, did you have a role model

same one that I still do, Ducklette

Awwwwwww. And what’s your favorite and least favorite part about being a mod?

My favorite part would be helping people that ask for help and keeping spammers from polluting kongregate as much as they otherwise would.
-My least favorite part would have to be all of the alt accounts, intentional trolls, and regular users that yell at me and tell me that they don’t like mods in said rooms I get called to.

What’s the first computer game you ever played? Do you still play it?

I honestly don’t remember which one it was, but I can promise you that I no longer play it. It was a game that worked from DOS on a windows 3.1 OS, the odds of even finding it again are very low.

What do you do for fun when you’re not on Kongregate?

I normally read or play video games (don’t bother asking me about FPS games, I know absolutely nothing about them)

Have you ever been banned?

This account hasn’t, an alt of mine once was after I became a moderator. I had made an alt with a confusing name for the average user since a lot of other users were making forms of that name and I wanted to get it out of the way, but I forgot to log off of it.
A moderator came by saw it and banned it for being able to confuse normal users into thinking at it was owned by a mod. Said mod was very embarrassed when he found out that it was me.

What would make moderating easier?

A greater user to mod interface would be nice, to enable one to sent chunks of the chat log to mods whenever they send them a message, I don’t know how well that would work though.

Do you moderate anywhere else?

If this relates to other rooms then I go where I am called as often as I can, obviously I occasionally get more calls than I can go to and have to ask another mod to go in my place, If no one shows up I was likely away from keyboard and apologize for missing your message.

Have you moderated or been an administrator on other sites?

I haven’t, which was one of the reasons I was so surprised to be picked as one on kongregate, however I have never dedicated this much time to any other site before, so there might be a reason.

What area of study do you most enjoy?

I have always loved math, I really have no real reason for loving it, I just do. I enjoy the challenge of a new problem every so often.

Thanks boatloads for the interview

Likewise πŸ˜€

Friday feature! Interview with Sakuya

July 25, 2008

Fiiiiiirst question! Does your name have an origin?

I was on an anime/graphics forum, called G-Boards, and I found a Naruto forum I was gonna join. So I was looking at anime pictures at the time, and I found one of a pretty anime girl in a bikini. The name Sakuya was next to it, and I liked it, so it stuck.

A past shrouded in mystery… and anime women in swimsuits. Gotta love it. Now, how long have you been a mod for?

I’ve been a mod for a little over 4 weeks now

Now, what are, in your opinions, the best and worst parts of being a mod?

Best part and the worst part has to do with the trolls.
Best part: You can ban them. Worst part: You have to deal with them.

What would make dealing with them easier?

They becoming smarter would help.

Hm… I see where you are going with that. Where do you most often hang out on kong?

Cafe Kong.

What is the appeal of that room to you?

Most of my friends are in there. Plus, It’s where I began.

Speaking of which, when did you join kongregate, and why?

I joined December 4th, 2007. I’ve been in DeviantArt and there is a Chat called Trivia. But since the bot for the room wasn’t working, they recommended the site, so I joined.

Do you have a favorite game on kong?

Haha. Platform Racing 2, Kongregate Chat, and Pieces.

And do you have a favorite game outside of kongregate?

Ah. Toughy. I really like the “Tales of Symphonia” type of games, or the .hack series.

What system would that be?

The “Tales of ….” games are on PS2 and Game Cube. The .hack games are on PS2.

Do you have any role models on kong?

Hm… Wow. Damijin πŸ˜› I always seem to talk to him and ask him questions.

Now, what do you do for fun when you aren’t online?

Mostly Sports or hanging with friends, or school

Heh. Looks like I’ve run out of questions. Anything you wanna shout out here?

Hi Friends! οΏΌ I love you.

Thanks for teh info!

Friday feature! Interview with ducklette

July 18, 2008

First things first. Does your name have an origin?

it does, actually. so here’s a shameless plug! got it from my favorite non-kong site: saw the word there, and decided it would make a good username.

Now, what made for you becoming a regular of the van?

honestly, it was where i was put to begin with. but i didn’t use chat for a couple months. i read it, and one day decided to jump in. i liked my van friends so much, that i never left until they gave me Feed the Ducks.

And they followed you, did they not?

a lot of them did. πŸ™‚ i’m glad, too. i’d miss them terribly!

Insane as they are πŸ˜› Now, did you have any goals when you made your super-extra-awesome room?

well, honestly, i wasn’t expecting to get a room so fast! so i didn’t have time to think about goals. i just wanted to create a fun, safe place for people to visit while they’re on kong.

A success?

for the most part. i’ve got a lot of really good help from other mods, and even the regular users are great, responsible people! so i’ve kind of been spoiled.

And how long have you been modding for?

a couple of months now. although it feels longer than that, i think.

Well, did you have a role model back in the van?

i had tons of good role models in the van. i was there back in the days when AlisonClaire was. she was a good person to whom i still look up a bit. and trickyrodent! ahh, the old van was a good time.

And is there a new one?

they’re all my favorites! even the ones i fiercely hate, haha. the game i love that i wished loved me back right now is indestructotank AE. not having so much luck with it, but who doesn’t love exploding things?

I have absolutely no ground to argue with that. So, do you play any games outside of kongregate?

well, not too much. play pc games like myst and other beautiful point’n’clicky type things. but, we just bought a wii, and are receiving it in the mail tomorrow, so i think i’ll be doing that a great deal.
i have to say that back when i was rooming with someone with a wii, zelda: twilight princess was, to me, the best game on the face of the earth. i’m counting down the hours until i can play it again!

May your ups truck travel with the speed of a bullet. So can anyone expect to see you online tomorrow?

haha, yes. it probably won’t be around until the evening. that, and i’d never forsake kong for THAT long. games are wonderful, but these fine kongregans are my good friends.

Those friends seem very lucky..


So, ducklette can be found in feed the ducks, at what times?

from about 2pm EST until 6 or 7, and then at times throughout the night. πŸ™‚

well, want to take this time to shout out to some of your friends?

All of em! The FTD group especially!

Interview with malkes

July 11, 2008


Ah, yes, the malkes!

How are we?

we are well

and yourself?

I am well. We are pleased to hear you are well, now let me roll out the red carpet for thee and get this train a-rollin’

Wonderful, I love red *grin*

Kongregate red?

All red. But yes, Kong has a pleasing shade as well, heh.

Oooh. Pretty. Now, on to the questions. First, where’d your name originate from?

Years ago I started playing Ultima Online. My brother played already and had a character with the last name of Talren. I created the Malkes part myself. Since then I’ve kind of assumed the “Malkes” name as myself while online. I have used it pretty much in any game/forum/chatroom that I have been in since.
It just kind of rolls off the tongue, heh.

Cool beans, but I have always wondered one thing… How do you pronounce that?

Mal (As in the name Al with an M) – Kiss (or Kes like Kestral). Either is acceptable.
So, you mentioned ultima online. Do you play many games outside of kongregate?
Well, currently I play World of Warcraft. Before that was Ultima Online. I’m actually not that fond of the “pay to play” concept, but in the case of those games, I found that the cost was worth the amount of time that they allow me to kill while still feeling like I’m “progressing”. However, the majority of my gaming time is spent on Kongregate.

So, you mentioned ultima online. Do you play many games outside of kongregate?

Well, currently I play World of Warcraft. Before that was Ultima Online. I’m actually not that fond of the “pay to play” concept, but in the case of those games, I found that the cost was worth the amount of time that they allow me to kill while still feeling like I’m “progressing”. However, the majority of my gaming time is spent on Kongregate.

ooh, so do you have a favorite game?

Hmm. For Kong it’s hard to say. There are many games out there that have the mark of having the developer actually caring how it turns out. I’m fond of games like DTD 1.5 and the Mardek rpg series.

Outside of?

for games outside of Kong: I am particularly fond of Final Fantasy games, right now, particularly, of the ones that I can play on my Nintendo DS. Love the portability, heh.

Oh, joy, isn’t there a new one out?

Aye, I have been playing the heck out of it too, heh. FF Tactics Advance 2. Quite a mouthful, eh?

Not as much as tom clancy’s ghost recon advanced warfighter οΏΌ

Hehe, touche!

How do you compare mardek and FF, If at all?

Well, I like that Mardek is a nostalgic throw-back to some of the original rpg games that I grew up playing, like FF and Dragon Warrior. I think that based on the constraints of a flash game, Mardek is excellent and has a good bit of humor as well.

That’s a good point there

In short, I like the quality of Mardek without having the backing of a major game producer, heh.

Any areas outside of rpg’s in gaming you like?

Well, I like all kinds of genres. I can play a sidescroller, FPS, real time strategy game, etc without having any real difficulty in “getting into it”. It’s all just about what I feel like playing at the time.

Same here. Time to move out of games and into… mod questions!

So, I am understanding that you haven’t been modding for long.

No. I’ve only had mod status since June 25th or so. I am a recent addition to the current mod staff

And bleachers is the room, right?

Aye, that is my common place to be while on Kong. I will make trips to other rooms if someone shows up saying that moderation is needed in another room, though.
And I will sometimes use an alt account to spot-check random rooms, to see if everything is going alright

Yes, and you were a regular there before?

Aye. When I first came to Kongregate I was randomly placed into The Bleachers chat. I liked many of the people that I saw there, and so, started making it my regular hang out.

What is your favorite part of modding?

Well, to be honest, there is very little that’s “fun” about modding. As far as anything I like about it: I just like being able to help ensure a more pleasing experience for the other users in a given chat room. To help reduce the “trolling” element that often comes with being in a room.

So I take it that you have a least favorite part. Care to tell?

Well, despite how annoying a user might be, and how deserving of a temporary ban they may be, it’s not really pleasing to have to ban someoneAlso, there are sometimes users, fully deserving of bans, that feel like they have been “wronged” by a moderator. Which, until the full facts are found out by a higher up, brings your own judgement into question.

Well, its all quite troubling. So, do you moderate elsewhere?

On Kongregate, I will sometimes go to other rooms. Outside of Kong, not currently. A few years ago I used to have site staff/moderation duties on a site about Ultima Online. There making decisions to ban a user were even harder, because it wasn’t just an hour/day/week ban. We had the power to fully ban someone from ever being on there.

If you had to choose, where would you rather mod?

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. Preferably, I would like to not have to mod at all. But, given that people will cause problems no matter what, I like to think that just having a moderator presence in a room helps cull a lot of the bad behavior. Many times a user will cause problems and be asked to stop by a non-mod user, and will continue, but when asked by a mod, they often will stop the actions. I would rather there not be a NEED for mods. Since there is, and always will be a need for them, I’m happy to do what I can to keep people from verbally bashing each others heads in, heh.

Hehe, trivial pursuits and all that.


So, enough about the moddingz?
So, I hear you are from georgia. And it’s summer, isn’t it?

Aye, it’s summer. Been a pretty warm one at that.
I go outside and my skin literally melts from my body. I’m sitting here with no skin right now, in fact. Heh

Have you ever gotten any “Devil went down to georgia” jokes? And its hot in chicago too…

Actually, I haven’t really gotten many comments like that, heh. *shifty eyes* Although I love the song, heh.

Do you have a profession?

Not so much a “profession” as a “hopeful desire”. I am hoping to become a published author.

interesting! What do you like writing about? Fiction?

I’ve always been fond of the literary device of “many earths with a few differences”. I like to say “ok, what if it was earth, but THIS was different” and then create a story from there. But yes, fiction is my forte. Sometimes just basic fiction, but often sci-fi/fantasy

Well, any favorite hobbies outside of kong?

Hmm. I am an avid reader. I have a thing for Sudoku puzzles as well. For non-solo activities I see a lot of movies. I also spend a lot of time out at bars, heh.

Sounds fun.

I am all out of ammo, thanks for the interview! Got anyone you want to shout out to?

Thanks for the interest, heh. It was a pleasure.

Hmm, I could say hi to all my Bleachers people…but I won’t. Can’t let them get big heads, ya know? Heh

You mean, bigger, right?

“You’ve just been interviewed by doctormarmalade, what are you going to do now?” “I’m going to Disney World!”

Hehe, yeah. That Alcibiades guy does have a pretty big head, eh?

I think that that is a very good note to end on.

Friday Feature – Interview with Scotti

July 4, 2008

The aim of these interviews is to allow people that don’t frequent other chat rooms to get to know mods in other areas of Kongregate and perhaps switch up their hangouts a bit. If you have any questions that you would like us to include go ahead and contact us or leave a comment.

Thalarion: So Scotti, you mentioned you’re a consummate geek. Are you in the biz? What does a typical day involve for you?

Scotti: I’m a network administrator for a medium sized non-profit, so my day mostly consists of sitting in front of a computer, making sure everyone can access the data they need to do their jobs.
Unfortunately, we have 11 different sites, so I’m not always at the same location day to day. That’s why I’m usually ALWAYS logged in somewhere, but also usually AFK.

Valkyrie: Ah.. that explains a lot of things.
So congrats on your newborn Scott. How does it feel to be a father again?

Scotti: This is my second kid, but the first one we had while I was working overseas. I was home for the birth (and the conception, of course), but spent the first year and a half of his life running around Southwest Asia.
This one I’ve been here the whole time… and I can honestly say I miss Kuwait…
Ok.. maybe not MISS Kuwait. πŸ˜‰
Anyway, I’m a very proud dad. My wife is amazing (she’d have to be put up with me AND my offspring), and my 4.5 yr old is going to be a great big brother ( so he keeps telling me… can’t get him to touch a dirty diaper)

Thalarion: Oh the joys of infants and bigger brothers πŸ˜› All right, in regards to Kongregate what do you feel is the biggest draw for you?

Scotti: Without a doubt, the community that is developing! I’ve met some really interesting people, ranging from the administration to regular users. I also really like that it feels like it’s still in the planning stages
Oh, and there’s some games to play, I hear!

Valkyrie: The Admins, Moderators, and the majority of the users seem to be very passionate and dedicated to Kongregate. Would you agree? And if so what brings about such deep feelings about Kongregate?

Scotti: Again I’d have to say it’s the sense of community that makes people feel so strongly about protecting it… or in some cases tearing it down. For many of the Kommunity (did I just coin a new word?), it’s more than just a random group of people on a website. Most everyone has a room that they enjoy the feel of…
and/or a group of regulars that they like to room-hop with.

Thalarion: Kommunity…nice. So how many Star Trek jokes regarding your name do you hear on average? πŸ™‚

Scotti: Surprisingly few, especially from the regulars. The TRUE Trekkies know that the beloved engineer on the original show was named “Scotty”, and most everyone else doesn’t make the connection. I still get the occasional “beam me up, Scotti!! LOL”, but the joke usually dies right there.

Valkyrie: Montgomery Scott was quite a capable engineer. And you seem to have his Jeans. :P. Has Kongregate in any way changed you?

Scotti: Hmm, that’s an interesting question. I don’t really think it has, to be honest. I probably spend a little more time than is healthy working on the latest badges, or chatting with people in Sanctuary, but for the most part, I’m still the same person. Those that know me IRL can attest that I really can be just as grumpy…

Thalarion: Sanity’s over-rated. I’m curious about what brought you to Kong in the first place.

Scotti: I was afraid you’d ask me something like that. I have no clear recollection of when I initially created an account, or why. I just looked at my favorite games, and one of the first ones was Desktop Tower Defense, which I’m pretty sure was the first game I played here.

Valkyrie: Scotti, tell us about your moderating style.

Scotti: I’ve been dealing with online communities for quite a while; forums, chat rooms, online games, etc. I have very low tolerance for people that I recognize as having an agenda that focuses on ruining other people’s enjoyment.
I give a warning to people that are in the “questionable” or “newbie” category, but when an account that was created that day starts spamming or trolling immediately, I’ll ban them right away.
Usually for the minimum one hour, but longer for repeat offenders, or ban evasions.

Thalarion: Yeah, I tend to come down pretty hard on ban dodgers myself. Okay, how about the perennial favorite; what advice do you have to offer aspiring mods?

Scotti: Aspire higher.
No, no, no… ok, I was asked to be a moderator about 6 months before I finally accepted. I just didn’t want the headache that came with it. But as Kongregate gets more and more popular, inevitably it’s going to need to be moderated.
Those that are foolish enough to want to help shape the community should be as active and helpful as possible both in the chat rooms and the forums, and start building their reputation as a solid member.
Repeatedly asking to be a moderator pretty much assures that you won’t.

Valkyrie: yeah.. Not a good way to gun for Greg’s Chair if you are aspiring. One last question Scotti. As a parent, what do you think of Kongregate and the relevance and influence it has on children today?

Scotti: In the past few months I’ve been a moderator, I’ve had the opportunity to see how “children” interact with the “Kommunity”, and it hasn’t been a great experience, in my opinion. In this context I’m referring to those “children” that are not of the legally required age (13), yet create accounts here anyway. Quite simply, they don’t have the social skills to interact here, and almost always wind up becoming an issue.
Scotti: Now, as they mature emotionally and intellectually, I’ve seen and had some GREAT discussions with kids 13-16 years old, and think that experience is very positive, both for them and for Kongregate.

Valkyrie: Thanks for the insight Scotti.
We appreciate you taking the time.

Thalarion: Definitely. Thanks for the time and we’ll see you around πŸ™‚

Scotti: No problem, thanks for deeming me interesting enough to interview!
Scotti normally hangs out in Sanctuary and, as mentioned, he can be found throughout the day.