As we delve into the interviews with moderators and staff I wanted to remind people of a few things:

Moderators are unpaid volunteers that work in the rooms to help monitor the chat and to keep things civil. There is no time commitment required of them so their attendance may be sporadic. Additionally, the viewpoints of moderators may or may not reflect the views of the staff, but they do not speak for the staff or nor do they create policy at Kongregate. They only enforce it.

Room owners are moderators that are asked to monitor a specific chat room. They do have a time commitment to the room so you’re likely to see them on more often. The same as above applies to room owners; they do not speak for the staff. They can, however, decide how their room is run so things like role playing and mild cussing may be allowed in one room and not another. Please keep this in mind as you travel from room to room.

Staff are paid employees of Kongregate. We interview them as individuals and not as official representatives of the website. While we do ask them to comment on various topics regarding Kongregate their statements may or may not be representative of the staff at large. As the staff is usually on the site and in chat to work on improving the site they might not be active in chat and most likely won’t be able to respond to every whisper. Don’t let that discourage you from saying hello if you see them, though.

In short, read these interviews with the idea that these people are individuals and remember that the mods and staff are here to try and make your gaming experience better 🙂


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