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Frag Assault

April 10, 2008

Frag Assault



This game has the most generic title ever. There. I said it.

This is a good game, i just needed to say that. Here i review the game “frag assault”, a fast paced game that, when played, will ignite fun in you. The gameplay is flawless and the guns are a many. There are a few flaws, but those will be spoken of in a little bit.

The best reason to play this game is because of the gameplay. It is the only thing that actually has very much quality to it. running around in any of the three modes is always fun. The free mode gets boring real quick. The wave mode, on the other hand, is quick to addict. The Gameplay’s really just gunplay. Or, perhaps, swordplay. Simply shoot shoot shoot around the map and you will be on the fast track to success.

FLAWS TIME! The glitches? Numerous. Enemies got stuck in walls. I would get run over and no damage would be done. This effects the graphics score significantly. There’s no mute button, some enemies are over-powered, grenades are wonky to use, the other faults are much more minor, to be fair. This is really all I can say about the game. It isn’t that it’s blank, it is merely that the game is simple.

6/10 Lots of glitches, you are too small to see at times

10/10 It’s real good.

7/10 no mute, decent guitar-ing

8/10 a simple arena shooter.

8/10 two decent control options.

A simple shooter.