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Purplenum survival 2

July 14, 2008

Purplenum survival 2


How to start this one… I could say that this is “The purple based platformer of the summer” but that makes me sound insane.

The reason I say the word “purple” so much in this review is because the character you play, and the environment, plus half the enemies, are purple. On to gameplay. This is a standard fare platforming avoider. There are several enemies, each far more frustrating than the last. I can’t say much more than that. By all means, the game works as you might expect, but there a lot of frustrations. For one, you can be hit by one shot from your enemy SEVERAL TIMES. There is close to nothing as irritating as losing three, YES THREE, lives to one grunt enemies’ shot.

The soundtrack consists of one techno song, which I think I have heard before… The controls are standard, and the graphics hold up well, being very… Colorful (I twitch as I resist saying “PURPLETACULAR!”)

Purple colors… and that’s about it…

A good number of flaws to it, but it does work.

The same ol’ techno.

A purple-based platforming avoider game. The purple is really the only thing that is different.

arrow keys and space bar.

And sorry that these reviews have been coming late, I am kinda on my own here…



July 1, 2008



Asteroids+Firing your own obstacles+dodging=fun? You might say.

Here we have Bullets, a asteroid type game that has a few interesting ideas, first and foremost is the fact that you have to shoot out what you are to avoid. Think of “What goes around, comes around” as the motto for this game. THere are no asteroids or other ships, just what you have fired. The game doesn’t start until you have fired X amount of rounds. You have to avoid those shots for X amount of time. The ammo you use gets switched up every time you pass a stage, as do the time requirements.

Flaw time! The controls, alas, they are not great. Your little ship will slide across the map with a press of an arrow key, which subtracts from the experience considerably. Also is this: on the levels further on, the gameplay gets… crazy. Well, time for something of a metaphor. Take the song “Psychobilly freakout” and find a music visualizer, and have the visualizer play psychobilly freakout. Attempt to pay attention to Everything on screen at once. Did you find it hard to keep up with? That is the gameplay of Bullets when there is more than two things to avoid. Its sickening, turning the game from less of an avoider to more of a Slide-outta-there-and-then-pray-that-you-don’t-get-hit type game. Oh lookie, a big flaws paragraph. Woo hoo.

8/10. Nothing too special.

8/10. An avoider. Not too much else.

8/10. Some nice techno here and there. Mute included.

9/10. Shoot then avoid what you shot. Originality oozes from this game.

6/10. Sliding is for slides, not avoiding death.

Great concept, but a those two things harm gameplay boatloads. 8/10

Zap in Space

May 3, 2008

Zap in Space


It seems to me that Ultimate Arcade just discovered Kongregate this week as we have 64 games uploaded by his profile. Now admittedly there’s a lot of controversy about the number of games being posted by him, but we won’t be discussing that here. No, instead we’ll be talking about Zap in Space, one of the many games he uploaded. The game is a basic dodger-style game, but unlike most dodgers you actually have a weapon that you can use to destroy your obstacles. That’s always been my beef with the other games in this genre; the simple fact that you’re out of luck if you get blocked off by the many objects in your path. Don’t be shy about using Zap’s weapon as there appears to be no limit to how often he can fire.

Use your mouse to move zap around the playing field and left click to fire a bolt of electricity. You can also press space to fire if the mouse just isn’t cutting it for you. As I mentioned before, fire at will with that weapon since you don’t have a limited amount of ammunition. Now as you’re flying through space you’ll notice two different colored orbs floating amongst the asteroids. The red orb increases your bonus and the blue orb increases your fuel. Unfortunately there’s no orb to increase your health, so you’d best be quick about dodging those asteroids. Also keep in mind that you get 100 points for every asteroid that you blast so if you want to get a good score make sure you have a finger on that trigger.

Zap has really great graphics, on par with the games that Psionic3D has produce. The thing about Zap is we also have animation to go along with the eye candy. Every now and then Zap will blink and occasionally he’ll extend his arms and his eye lenses. Is there any purpose to this? Of course not. Does it add to the game? Heck yes. The little character animations like this do a lot to add life to what could have otherwise been a very dull game.

The music in Zap is appropriate to the game and even though it’s a loop it’s not repetitive. If you find that you don’t like the music you can mute it. The sound effects work very well for this game as well. There’s the constant sound of your engines running in the background and you get a nice metallic clang whenever you’re struck by an asteroid. The one audio cue you need to be aware of is the low fuel warning, though by the time you hear this you’re probably not going to recover enough fuel to play for much longer.

10/10. Great job on the graphics, shows what can really be done with Flash.

8/10. Lots of replay value here to see how much further you can get or how high of a score you can achieve.

9/10. Excellent work with the audio, really.

8/10. It’s a standard dodger with a weapon added.

8/10. Mouse to move and mouse or space to fire. Surprisingly tight controls.

Of all the games that Ultimate Arcade has uploaded this is one you definitely should be checking out. 9/10