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FWG knight

August 30, 2008

FWG knight


I’d like to say that this game is like achilles. I’d also like to say that this is better than achilles.

So I will. This is a beat em up in the same vein as achilles, but it does a few things much better. Archers are merely cannon fodder that might get a hit off you, and the whole kicking system is nowhere to be found. Good. But the premise of the game is that You, the brave knight, must travel from one beautifully constructed stretch of land, surviving, slaying dragons, and racking up that kill count.

The gameplay cannot be summed up as “hacking and slashing” so much as slaying and trampling. It is very smooth and playable. You may get sick of this game, but not from it being to easy or too hard. I lost interest because I had beaten my old score by a little, and then got rushed by about 3 dragons. You will enjoy this game.

They are beautifully done, with enemies looking very unique and dragons that you think twice about slaying. It’s that astounding.

Attacking is very fluid.

Epic music, but I swear I’ve heard the sound effects from somewhere.

A knight-themed beat em up.


Oh, and my high score is lasting 4 days, 214 kills. Beat that