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Rat Maze 2

July 9, 2008

Ratmaze 2


The word to describe this game: scurry. You scurry to collect cheese, you scurry to sink balls in the pool game, and you scurry at your highest speed to collect the letters to beat the game. The basics of gameplay is that you use the arrow keys to control your pixelated little mouse, with about 3 minutes of time to gather all the cheeses and letters. (The letters are; R, A, T, M, A, Z, E, and are completely otional to collect, but they entail BIG cheese bonuses), and when they are collected, you win. To extend the amount of time you have, Collect some cheese(In game, that is). Apples make you go blazingly fast, which is very useful.

The gameplay is quick, and is by the same developer as dino run and gamma bros. THe game feels a lot like dino run, with the fast pace, the pixels, and the sounds. This is a good thing! We all know and love dino-run(at least I hope) and this feels like it’s birds eye view/ red-headed step child. I sometimes feel like I am running in circles in the game, so a mini-map would be well appreciated.

Think dino run.

Run and run, or should I say scurry, as you collect.

Very authentic.

A fast paced collecting game in beautiful pixels.

Arrow keys and shift.

Go forth and scurry!