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Earth Defense

June 30, 2008

Earth Defense


The moon…bringer of tides, illuminator of nights, favorite action of college pranksters. And now it defends Earth as well. Take to the skies to prevent asteroids and satellites from slamming into Earth by slamming the moon into them first. Upgrade the speed and size of your moon, recover health for the planet, or decrease the speed of your “enemies” to make it easier to get to everything before you get damaged.

The game is controlled entirely by the mouse. Enemies will come in from all angles and at varying speeds, but you really need to worry most about the ones going fast and\or heading straight for Earth. The ones making a larger arc around the screen won’t get away, they’re just taking a different path to their goal. Once all of the enemies have been destroyed or have smashed into your planet you get a quick break to upgrade. I noticed that the size of your moon stops increasing about level 12 to 14, so don’t burn points on that as you only get one per level.

There are a few animations here, but nothing of real note. Earth rotates, so do the asteroids and satellites. Beyond that…well, it looks pretty! There’s also nice, atmospheric music. About the only sound you’re going to hear is the crunch when you slam into an asteroid or when one slams into Earth. Still, nobody’s going to hear you scream in space. Even if they could, they still can mute in the options menu so nyah.

8/10. Good graphics. The depiction of the Man in the Moon was surprisingly accurate.

7/10. Great fun trying to defend the earth from certain doom.

7/10. Good music and sound effects, just not a lot of either.

6/10. Defend your… Yeah we’ve seen this genre before, upgrades and all.

8/10. Mouse, mouse, baby.

Might as well learn about the inevitable apocalypse now rather than later. Next on my to do list, attack huge rockets to the moon. 7/10


Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars

June 26, 2008

Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars


Aliens Must Die is a Kongregate-Exclusive game that pits you, a solo pilot, against hordes of aliens that resemble asteroids, jellyfish, and other oddities. Your co-pilot Annie is there to advise you, pester you, and warn you that you’re taking a beating. Do your best to dodge the enemy, but that won’t be an easy task… Fly around the levels to earn multipliers and weapon, health, and shield upgrades. Every few levels a new enemy gets introduced and you’ll have to learn a new style of gameplay to combat this foe.  As a note, you gather debris (the circles compose of triangles) to release gears that allow you to upgrade your weaponry.  This gets to be pretty important so keep gathering that debris as often as possible

The movement reminds me of a spasmodic person trying to bust some funky moves on the dance floor while hopped up on pixie sticks and Red Bull. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m not too fond of the controls. You zoom around the level at the slightest touch of the button and considering the sheer number of enemies you’re facing by level 5 this can cause some serious complications. Sitting still won’t work either as there are enemies that shoot at you and others that just try to ram you. Besides that, you won’t be able to pick up the powerups as they end up getting scattered all over the screen. The control issue has been fixed and now you glide around the screen and can turn and stop on a dime.  This makes for a considerably better playing experience and I was able to get a lot further in the game that I ever could before.  Kudos to the devs for fixing this rather critical issue.   Another redeeming thing about this is if you press “P” you can go into the options menu and turn on autofire so all you have to do is aim.

The ships, background, animations…well, pretty much everything visual with this game is just plain awesome. There’s tons of detail and enemies galore. Even the bullets are multi-toned; how cool is that? The background is static but there are two layers so it gives the impression of some animations going on back there. Now as to the music, there’s some very nice music involved though it does have a “Doctor Who” quality to it. The sound effects are nicely suited to the game and nothing really sticks out as not fitting in with the style.

10/10. Really nice and shiny graphics.

7/10. Lots of repetition.

8/10. Excellent audio options provided.

6/10. Well, it’s definitely a defense game.

8/10. Flail=fail. MUCH smoother controls now.  This game is considerably more enjoyable thanks to the change.

Yeah, it’s another defense game. Still pretty fun despite that. 8/10

Typing Ninja Hunter

June 14, 2008

Typing Ninja Hunter


The entirety of this review was typed over the course of twenty seconds.

Welcome to tying ninja hunter, the game that tasks you with your typing skills as your only weapon of defense against *gasp* THE NINJAS! Yes, type the four letter words above their heads to make them die. The onslaught of ninjas is to be fended off from the temple you guard. There are also spells you can use to impede your attackers. These are used by pressing 1,2, or 3 when you have enough “Rage”. Build rage by killing ninjas. The more you kill, the faster you kill, the more rage.

There are also RPG elements, seen in the shop after you pass a stage. Upgrade, heal, and power up there. Begin the next stage when you are finished. Oh, and before you can advance to the next stage, once all of your frontal field is clear, you will be put into a quick action cutscene. Its usually “press the spacebar 30 times in ten seconds” or something like “press Up down left up down spacebar left down up down” over the course of 3 seconds. Hard to do.

I can guarantee that this game will keep you entertained. Easy to learn, blisteringly hard to master. If you have ever played “typing of the dead”(, you importer you) Then this will come as a welcome zombie slaying game. Play well, my friend, and remember to keep some ice for those knuckles

10/10. You can really tell by the art and the colors that this game had a lot of work put into it.

10/10. Type, type, quick reaction cutscene, buy stuff, type faster, ducttape your knuckles back onto your hand.

10/10. Hard to explain, but it really complements the typing.

10/10. Type like a machine gun to survive in a ninja infested temple.

10/10. Letters and arrow keys, what more could one want?

Temple Guardian II

June 1, 2008

Temple Guardian II


Welcome to the land of…well, I don’t rightly know. You’re here to defend your temple from the evil entities looking to overtake and destroy it. Use towers, traps, and heros to kill your enemies. Upgrade the towers to do more damage but keep an eye on your gold or you won’t be able to repair any damaged towers. Both air an land enemies will try to make their way past your towers so plan accordingly. Watch out for invisible and burrowing enemies as they will slip past your strongest defenses to attack your temple directly.

You can use your arrow keys to scroll the map, but everything else is controlled by the mouse. The one beef I had is no autoscrolling. You have to click on the edge you want to move to get the mouse to go. I suppose this was unavoidable, but still… Hotkeys for building towers would have been nice, as would have one for your hero. Fortunately there is a hotkey to deselect your hero and that’s going to be a necessary trick, trust me.

If you’ve played the original Temple Guardian you can see that this game received a significant graphics upgrade in addition to everything else. The game tends to get laggy at times and that can be a bit frustrating, but there are quality controls in the menu when you’re playing the game. Tinker with the various settings to see what works for you and what doesn’t. You can mute various portions of the sound or mute the sound altogether, whatever works for you. The audio is a real treat for this game, though. The music is rich and there are some good audio cues to let you know when incidents are occurring. Fortunately the game is balanced enough where there are also visual cues to indicate problem areas.

8/10. Nice work with the graphics in this game. Detailed scenery.

8/10. Enough time is given between the waves so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

9/10. The only bad thing about the audio was the “whooping” noise of the mage. Otherwise excellent.

8/10. Tower defense game, but the enemies don’t follow pre-defined paths.

7/10. Edge detection for the mouse without having to click would have been nice.

All in all, a pretty fun tower defense game with some nice addtions. 8/10

Overrun II

May 29, 2008

Overrun II


The year is some time after 2063. The stick figures are ticked off and are coming to get you as revenge for all the years of mis-treatment. You have a turret and some mad clicking skills so go to town and destroy your enemies. Overrun II is a fun little defense game. I say little, but Denvish says the source is well over 800mb. I’m always impressed by how much flash can compress files.

Using your WASD or arrow keys you can rotate your turret to face the enemies that approach you from all directions. Use your mouse to aim and fire at these enemies. The Q and E or INS End keys allow you to use your smart bomb and shockwave respectively. The Bomb kills all enemies currently on the screen, shockwave is a rechargable screenwide weapon that damages but does not kill the enemies. With an upgraded gun this can mean the difference between a quick victory or a protracted battle.

Denvish used quite a few tools to create the enemies and his efforts shine through quite nicely. The enemies scale in size as they approach the screen and the detail just gets better the closer they get. Of course you earn more points for shooting them from farther away, so don’t try to appreciate the detail too much. One thing I noticed is that the enemies can be hard to see against the backgrounds. Also take note that the radar isn’t closely representative of how near the enemies are to you. If they appear to be halfway or closer then you are very likely in trouble. The radar indicates every enemy with a unique color so you can identify which are the quick ones, which are the tougher ones, and which ones are downright dangerous at a glance.

There is a Volume control available as an orange slider bar at the bottom of the screen. Songs from various artists are included in this game, including a track by Denvish himself. I was really pleased to hear the excellent work put into the audio tracks, especially considering how many games don’t include it these days.

8/10. 3D graphics and some pretty awesome animations.

7/10. It starts out easy enough but it starts getting tough around level 8.

9/10. This game has great music and sound effects.

8/10. Defense game, woo! The addition of powerups that you can grab during the rounds is nice.

7/10. Need to be able to hold the mouse key to fire instead of clicking repeatedly.

Pretty fun defense game with some intense moments. 8/10

Active Defense Revolution

May 14, 2008

Active Defense Revolution


Before you roll your eyes at yet another defense game being reviewed, this is an active defense game. You move your turret around the screen and attack your enemies. Be aware that the enemies fire back so you’d best be taking advantage of the fact that you can move around. Obtain pixels from the enemies you destroy to place towers. I do wish there were more options to place your towers, but beggars can’t be choosers. Earn points by finishing levels then use these points between the levels to purchase new weapons and upgrades.

WSAD to move your turret and mouse to aim and fire. There is no pause and that would have been really helpful. The levels are moderately long as you need to tackle each wave before you can take a break. The enemies spawn out of monster generators much like Gauntlet. Unlike Gauntlet, this game doesn’t allow you to destroy the monster generators. You have to defend your base from the enemy instead. The enemies will try to destroy your base first, but they’ll go after you if they see you first.

Though the game may be top-down it does remind me of the original Battlezone. I think it’s the wireframe graphics that draw this correlation. There’s not a lot going on with the animations or the graphics, but the game is certainly nice and glowy. You can change the volume of the music, the sound effects, and the gun separately or you can mute them altogether. The music is a rather repetitive loop but it’s appropriate for the game.

7/10. Decent retro-style graphics.

7/10. Fun to play and some replay value, but it really needs a pause option.

8/10. Plenty of audio volume control options, not much music variety though.

6/10. Defense game that doesn’t expand on the genre much.

7/10. Solid controls, would be nice to have arrow keys as an option as well.

This could use a little tweaking to make it a better game. As is it’s still pretty good but there’s room for improvement. 7/10

Massive Space Tower Defense

May 1, 2008

Massive Space Tower Defense


Huh, imagine that. There’s another defense game on Kongregate! MSTD is admittedly a pretty straight-forward tower defense game but it does have some things going for it. First off, there are four different gameplay modes; normal, survival, no powerups, and cheat mode (you cheater). Secondly, there are no paths in this game. What we’re presented with is one large playing field and the goal is to prevent the enemy from breaching any point of the map and that can get to be pretty daunting. We’re presented with four turrets to build and the ability to upgrade these turrets. The next nice thing you’ll discover about this defense game is that the turrets are intelligent and they won’t waste bullets focusing on one enemy once they’re close to or already dead.

MSTD’s controls are pretty simple and there are prompts on the screen for what buttons you need to push to proceed. Press the space bar for next wave, u for upgrade, b to build, and s for sell. You can also use your mouse to navigate the options though some people have reported issues with this. I didn’t see any problems when I was using the mouse to play. There is no pause, but it really isn’t needed considering the rounds go so quickly. Upgrades are instantaneous so don’t hesitate to upgrade your towers in the middle of a round.

Visually the game is pretty pleasing. There’s a variety of enemies and they’re uniquely drawn enough to the point where you can quickly distinguish power levels. There isn’t much animation beyond the engine contrails and the stars in the background. The towers are moderately detailed but the game really needs more towers to keep up the interest level of the game. That and the beam tower could use a little help to look more menacing.

MSTD has really excellent music that you can tune out pretty easily if you don’t like it. This is a good thing because there’s no mute option. The sound effects are pretty minimal and don’t do much for me. Explosions and more convincing firing sounds would really help here.

8/10. Above average graphics, very little animation.

7/10. Plenty of replay value here with the various mode offerings. Pace really starts to pick up after level 3.

6/10. Could use some more sound effects and a mute button.

7/10. Well it’s a tower game, all right.

6/10. Some control issues reported by other users with the mouse. When I tried this on another site I did encounter these same issues. That needs to be fixed and quickly.

This game has a lot of potential. Add some more towers, a few more sound effects, mute, and maybe a little backstory and it would be quite a bit more engrossing. Oh yeah, and fix the mouse issues. 7/10