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Space Defender

July 20, 2008

Space Defenders


Pong meets space invaders? I saw it coming.

The game is simple: Deflect shots and hit the invaders. Colored shots have different properties. Gameplay is pretty dang fun, as rapid reflecting makes for rapid fun. Pew pew here, boom there. It does, at times, get TOO frantic, with flailing of the mouse the only option. There’s a ridiculous mode called “Cruel mode”. In said mode, there is a lot if swirling and reversing. The game screen gets flipped upside down, and your controls are inverted. Tons o’ fun

It’s… space invaders.

It feels good to play pong against aliens.

Meh, a boom here and a pow there.

Combine two games! How awesome.

Mouse only.

And sorry that this was late, I went on a 4 hour hike today… No, not a lie…

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Ninja Gardener

July 7, 2008

Ninja Gardener


Dang birds, they may look harmless, but all they want is to be a nuisance until they get at your newly planted seeds. The ninja goes through all that trouble to make a garden, and they want to take it away. Dang birds are evil (stupid creatures, those birds ).

The interesting thing about this game is that it manages to bring enough new things to the table to avoid it being called a generic defense game. There are different classes, which are divided by color of their feathers, each class faster than the last. You have to throw spades at each of them (Done by clicking on them), and there are power-ups. They make you throw faster, give you some more points, and more along that tune. Remember that random clicking won’t work, because you have to prioritize your spade-throwing. The faster class of birdy, the more attention you should give it. This gameplay mechanic works amazingly. There are ten levels, each painfully more difficult than the last.

Colorful and 3-d rendered

Fend off the birds! The power-ups make this formula all the better.

A half-decent set of sound effects and music, of the oriental type.

Defend? Yes, but its a garden, and you are a ninja.

Although it is mouse only, some keyboard action would really benefit to this game.

Good luck.

R.O.B.O.T. Relatively Obedient Being of Thought

June 28, 2008

R.O.B.O.T. Relatively Obedient Being of Thought


R.O.B.O.T. is another game from the JIG Games Design Competition 5. As mentioned before, the theme of this competition was “Upgrade” and there’s definitely plenty of that in R.O.B.O.T. Destroy enemies, earn cores, then use the cores to upgrade various things like your speed, energy, weapon, shields, and so on. You can even drop a turret or fire off an EMP to disable your enemies for a short amount of time.

You can use the WASD or arrow keys to move around the level. Q and E drop turrets and EMPs respectively or you can use shift-click and ctrl-click. Be quick on your treads as every once in a while targets will appear around or underneath you. Move well away from these or you’re going to be in a world of hurt. One thing I found frustrating about this game is that you can’t pause during the levels. Nope, you’re going to have to fight until every enemy is dead, only then can you take a moment to catch your breath and improve your arsenal.

The graphics fit pretty well for this game. You’re dropped into a post-apocalyptic environment where you have to fight off hordes of enemy robots and the “arena” is suitably desolate. There are a few nice touches like the laser sight and the moving arms for when you move your cursor closer to or further away from your robot. The enemies don’t have a lot of animations but you don’t have a lot of time to notice this as you’re busy trying to not get killed.

The first thing I noticed when I loaded up the game was that it reminded me a great deal of Arcanum. The level music is considerably different from the intro/break music and…well, those are the only two songs you get. They’re pretty good songs, though and there’s always the mute button (yay) if you dislike either. The sound effects can be muted separately, but they’re also quite good so you’d be missing out. Take note that you can only mute when you’re between levels upgrading your R.O.B.O.T.

7/10. The graphics are good, but not great.

9/10. Upgrade, kill, upgrade, awesome.

8/10. Only two songs but the music and audio is excellent.

8/10. Reminds me of Defend Your Inglor, just with movement.

9/10. Alt controls for southpaws, woo hoo!

For a first flash game this is really an impressive effort. 8/10


June 25, 2008



How would you like to smack some balls around? No? Oh well, this game probably isn’t for you, then. You have a ball…that’s attached to another ball…and you’re protecting a ball from other balls. Confused? Cool. This is an interesting defense-style game that has you defending a ball in the center of the screen.

Your basic goal is to make sure the stationary ball stays just that; stationary. Fling your other ball around with the mouse and strike the black balls to run them off the screen. The faster they are struck the more points you get. In fact, make sure you’re constantly on the move because even if you aren’t busy hitting stuff you’ll still get points for being in motion. Between levels you can purchase upgrades to make your ball faster, the stationary ball smaller, or the boundary circle bigger.

There’s a lot of circles in this game. In fact, the only other object you’re going to see in action are lines from when you strike the black balls or the line going between your balls. Now the music is really top notch for this game and from what I understand it was composed specifically for this game. A very nice touch indeed. There is a mute option if you pause (P) the game during rounds if you’re not keen on the tunage, though. The one disappointing thing was the near lack of sound effects. Not that there’s much you could do here, but something more would have been nice.

7/10. Pretty simple graphics but nice shading.

8/10. Fast-paced and enjoyable game.

7/10. Excellent music but few sound effects.

8/10. Ball-smacking fun!

8/10. Heeeere mousey, mousey, mousey.

This is a fun action/defense game and is definitely worth a swing. 8/10