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September 1, 2008



Another physics game! Huzzah? Read on and find out.

This is steerwheels… a game where you take a ball, and get it somewhere. Use physics and timing and what not to do so. I suppose that this is a physics game, but not one that is run of the mill. You have a car(Two circles and a line T.T) and that is enough of a change from the swamplands of other physics games.

I suppose that this game is a little bit of a show-off because it MAKES you watch the ball roll down a hill “Realistically” and has seesaws and whatnot, but I guess that that is what every physics game does…

Nothing too pretty to look at, but some nice physics make for some cool moments

Get the ball to a place using physics. Okay…

No sound effects, and some annoying sound effects.

A driving/physics game

Arrow keys