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Friday feature! Interview with awalters

August 8, 2008

Hello and welcome! Now, first things first, how did your name come about?

Just a basic switch around of my real name actually, I made it just different enough to avoid stalkers 😉

You sir are a few letters away from anonymity! Now, got a favorite chatroom?

As much as I try to hide it I like Feed the Ducks over all other rooms, my first main room was the van, so any room with most of the old gang is going to get my vote

So, when did you join kongregate, and why?

I was doing a search for flash games and found a link from Jay is Games for one called Anika’s Odyssey. I beat it and then realized that I could have gotten a badge for it, then I joined (got the badge automatically apparently)

Addicted ever since?

I then saw the card challenge and was hooked from then on. I joined on Dec. 17, 2007

And how long have you been a mod for?

somewhere between 2-3 months, I’ll look for the exact date ah, June 24th :), so not as long as I thought. my friend count is 5 times higher in that time in comparison to what it was before XD.

Jolly good. And in the time before modship, did you have a role model

same one that I still do, Ducklette

Awwwwwww. And what’s your favorite and least favorite part about being a mod?

My favorite part would be helping people that ask for help and keeping spammers from polluting kongregate as much as they otherwise would.
-My least favorite part would have to be all of the alt accounts, intentional trolls, and regular users that yell at me and tell me that they don’t like mods in said rooms I get called to.

What’s the first computer game you ever played? Do you still play it?

I honestly don’t remember which one it was, but I can promise you that I no longer play it. It was a game that worked from DOS on a windows 3.1 OS, the odds of even finding it again are very low.

What do you do for fun when you’re not on Kongregate?

I normally read or play video games (don’t bother asking me about FPS games, I know absolutely nothing about them)

Have you ever been banned?

This account hasn’t, an alt of mine once was after I became a moderator. I had made an alt with a confusing name for the average user since a lot of other users were making forms of that name and I wanted to get it out of the way, but I forgot to log off of it.
A moderator came by saw it and banned it for being able to confuse normal users into thinking at it was owned by a mod. Said mod was very embarrassed when he found out that it was me.

What would make moderating easier?

A greater user to mod interface would be nice, to enable one to sent chunks of the chat log to mods whenever they send them a message, I don’t know how well that would work though.

Do you moderate anywhere else?

If this relates to other rooms then I go where I am called as often as I can, obviously I occasionally get more calls than I can go to and have to ask another mod to go in my place, If no one shows up I was likely away from keyboard and apologize for missing your message.

Have you moderated or been an administrator on other sites?

I haven’t, which was one of the reasons I was so surprised to be picked as one on kongregate, however I have never dedicated this much time to any other site before, so there might be a reason.

What area of study do you most enjoy?

I have always loved math, I really have no real reason for loving it, I just do. I enjoy the challenge of a new problem every so often.

Thanks boatloads for the interview

Likewise 😀


Under noob management

July 6, 2008

Drumroll please!

Doctormarmalade is now the proud owner of this site, but close to nothing will change. Thalarion will be posting less, but I will be a post factory from now on.

That is all.

Drakojan Skies Acolyte

May 18, 2008

Drakojan Skies Acolytes


It’s not often you see a decent Flash shmup on Kong. They are always either unfinished in one way or another, or the game is ruined by tryhard gameplay (One example, not naming names, even decides to kill your aiming just because you’ve moved down the screen).
But then you’ve got Drakojan Skies Acolytes, which I must say is orgasmic in my opinion, compared to the other shmups you get on Kongregate. You’ve got your classic fantasy plotline, Rebel against a royal Empire to protect and defend a lesser people, complete with rebel-rebels. Though, I’m not quite sure how a huge race of dragons can’t defend THEMSELVES, but hey, go with the flow =D.
Then you’ve got terrific gamelay, and yes, I do find holding a button and owning stuff to be amazing gameplay. Mainly because of the seemingly infinite amount of upgrades you can get. Seriously, your weapons just get better and better and better. There’s also the secondary objective you get in certain levels which can make your Kick-arse-ness even higher.
Saying this, I must say, Low quality is a MUST forthis game. Why? ’cause the graphics are brilliant! Minus one hiccup at a bad attempt at drawing a bird =S. Be very warned, The Boss Battles may be too graphical for most machines, more than once I’ve spiked and been owned by the time I’ve gotten back to normality.
You may have noticed that this game must be huge, and it is. Besides the upgrades, the many many different characters to play and ships to fly, equalling lots of different dialogues *drools*. You’ve also a brilliant soundtrack, though if you’re not into metal music, you may wanna turn it down a little =).

10/10. As good as it gets, amazing.

9/10. Typical shmup, with a couple of extra dimensions.

7/10. I adore it. But only cause I adore metal. Also there’s no mute button.

9/10. Tried and tested neo-fantasy awesomness. Quite a few times.

9/10. Brilliant until the boss battles, requiring a drop in quality.

An almost perfect morsel of awesomeness. If it weren’t for the lag, and the lack of variety on the music front. 9/10.