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April 30, 2008



This simple little stacking game hasn’t much to offer. Spare the exceptions of its amazing music, the astounding physics, and the authenititastic art. All this coupled with the fact that describing this game has made me refer to my thesaurus and look at “good.”

Your job in this game is to notify your Dog on the crane (it wears a little rasta hat!) When to drop it’s stereo. Build a Tower of the speakers, and you got yourself some points. If you happen to drop 5, you will lose the game. You have 3 minutes to get your Tower as high as possible. You don’t get much replay out of this, but its fun while it lasts. All you need is your mouse, and perhaps some dreadlocks. Those help.

Hmm… You may of seen in my other posts that I review simpler games. This is no exception.

9/10. Very, very good art. The physics are also the finest I have EVER seen in a flash game.

6/10. Stack up the stereos, with combos for higher towers of them. Nothing remarkable.

10/10. Genuine reggae! Got me humming the song when I stopped playing

8/10. Stack amps to build up the bass, man!

8/10. Mouse only.