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July 19, 2008



Believe it or not, this game has a story to it. You are rigby, a blue circle. Your land has been invaded by things with corners (The blocks) and you got to break em.

That’s it. Silly as it may be, this game isn’t about having a detailed story. It’s about breaking all the blocks in a level without touching the ground. Simple. The game is remarkably short and easy, but it is a good time when you play it. The graphics are cute and childish, as the game is. The first fifteen (Of twenty!) levels are just too easy. First chance easy.

After those, you get a relative challenge. Mostly just timing and a tiny little bit of problem solving, but not much more. The sound is a tad annoying, with the block hitting sound followed by the sound of hitting the ground… bleh. I can’t say much more, and I won’t. Go play if you like the sound of it.

cutesy and colorful

Pretty solid, but it is quite easy…

Just jumping sound effects, which are a tad annoying.

Jump around, break blocks. Meh.

Arrow keys.