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Doom rider

July 16, 2008

Doom Rider


Doom rider is based off the idea of racing skeletons through hell. I am not complaining.

The game is simple enough, race as fast as you can and get to checkpoints before you time out. Bad turns will really throw you off, and sometimes end up making you lose. The sense of speed in game is very good, with scenery passing by at breakneck speeds.

Not too much to say from there on, but I did notice that this game was rated a 1/5 on kongregate. I saw no reason to give it such a score, so I ask that you rate this game.


Pretty dang quick.

Guitar music, but no mute.

A race through hell!

arrow keys

I am very, very sorry that this was late. I was on a rafting trip, and I was unsure when I’d be back. This is the post 7/15/08

And I’ll make tomorrow’s post really good. Just you wait.