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Vector Runner

August 20, 2008

Vector Runner


Barreling down a non-stop track with spikes popping up all over the place has never been so fun. Collecting the cubes for points is the sugar on top.

The game, in all it’s neon glory, is fast as… something that goes very fast. And there is no lag, even at breakneck speeds. The steering is great, allowing for second-friendly avoidances. But one of my favorite things here is the music. If a game can get the song stuck in my head, it automatically gets a ten for audio. And yes, there is a mute button, but this sweet, sweet techno should not be silenced.

As you progress (the game accelerates automatically), the game becomes more of an avoider than a collector/racer. That’s fine, but the second you go for a cube, you get spiked. I had massive amounts of fun thanks to the gameplay, and here’s to hoping that you will too.



While many flash games use techno, this one uses AMAZING techno.

Race through a never ending track filled with obstacles and breakneck speeds. Woo.

El keyboard.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, it’s migraine season for me, but I am getting better.


The Missile Game 3D HS

January 26, 2008

The Missile Game 3D HS
The Missile Game 3D HS


“Ever felt like flying a missile down a tube filled with rotating obstacles? No? Well, here’s your chance.”
I wouldnt consider being a missile, though, seeing as how it tends to have a short lifespan.

Anyway, this addictive fast loading game is a great time killer. Using your mouse, you have to guide your missile down a tube and dodge rotating obstacles while speeding up slowly over time. The starting level is slow, but it all becomes fast paced within a few levels. You only have 9 levels of severe mouse moving to go through, but only 5 spare missiles in your inventory. It sounds easy, but gets hard.

The game lacks colours, but thats okay. We’re flying down a tube, not the colourful Land of Oz. Also, it’s well animated and has a nice 3D feel to it. Basic menu, nothing to complicated. Everything explained. You’re even allowed to change the mouse sensitivity! Awesome stuff. Better yet, you can play it on the Wii.

Included in this game is some awesome music. The fast paced level music matches the game perfectly and there’s a nice monotonous tone playing before you start each level. Calm before the storm.
I liked the explosion sound played when you hit an obstacle. Gave me quite a shock when I didnt expect to die.

Okay, scores.

9/10. Okay, it’s well-animated and has nice graphics, but I think it could use a bit of paint.

9/10. Awesome addictive gameplay, but I would have liked an infinity level.

8/10. Loved the fast paced music, but maybe an extra sound effect of whooshing would be nice?

10/10. Seriously. Really good concept. Gives a new meaning to those “dodge” games.

8/10. Nice controls. Touchpad friendly and Wii capable, but the menu was a bit too basic and dull. Needs life.

Overall, I’d give this a 9/10. Addictive, great time waster, worth playing again and again. If you havent played this, play it. Now.