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Mobile Weapon Zero

June 22, 2008

Mobile Weapon Zero


Explore the world of Sios, meet new and interesting enemies, then blow them up. Today we’re going to take a look at an admittedly older game that’s still pretty fun nonetheless. Mobile Weapon Zero is one of the first releases by TYLERProjects and I have to admit it was a pretty impressive start. The premise is that you’re a Mobile Adaptive Weapon (MAW) pilot, which is a fancy term for mech, and your goal is to travel to the wastelands and defeat the Marauder boss. As the dev says, there are three secret items along the way that aren’t too difficult to get, just moderately time-consuming.

Navigation through this island world is accomplished by clicking, lots and lots of clicking. There are shortcut keys for pretty much every action except for movement and talking, but usually it’s quicker and easier just to stick with the mouse. Now speaking of talking, you will want to make sure that you talk to everyone. There are a few key people that will give you some very cool items and if you don’t talk to people you’ll never find them. Now if only the final weapon animations didn’t take so long…which brings up another point. Each weapon has energy requirements and blades will always recharge faster than guns but will always do less damage than a gun of equivalent level.

The world is a pretty shiny place, yet rather…unanimated. The battles look really impressive until you realize that there’s only a few animations for the entire game. But beyond that minor point the game does look quite nice. There are different effects for each weapon though the only thing that will change with your armor is your hit points. Different color palettes would have been a welcome addition. Yes, I’m aware that many of these things are addressed in the sequel but that isn’t up on Kongregate yet, is it? 🙂

The music and sound effects are really quite good. You can indeed mute them if they aren’t up your alley but besides that you can certainly enjoy the music. The towns and hostile areas have different music tracks, providing a good audio indicator as to when you pass from one area to the next. The sound effects are well-suited to the battles and are pretty convincing, quite frankly.

8/10. Could use more animation, but still looks good.

7/10. Grind, grind, grind!

8/10. Good work on the music and sound effects.

7/10. It’s an RPG, but with mechs.

7/10. Even though there are keyboard controls mouse is really the way to go with this.

This was a fun game to play, even if you can get through it in two hours or so. Definitely can’t wait for the sequel to get uploaded. And kudos to the dev for including the API! 7/10


Typing Ninja Hunter

June 14, 2008

Typing Ninja Hunter


The entirety of this review was typed over the course of twenty seconds.

Welcome to tying ninja hunter, the game that tasks you with your typing skills as your only weapon of defense against *gasp* THE NINJAS! Yes, type the four letter words above their heads to make them die. The onslaught of ninjas is to be fended off from the temple you guard. There are also spells you can use to impede your attackers. These are used by pressing 1,2, or 3 when you have enough “Rage”. Build rage by killing ninjas. The more you kill, the faster you kill, the more rage.

There are also RPG elements, seen in the shop after you pass a stage. Upgrade, heal, and power up there. Begin the next stage when you are finished. Oh, and before you can advance to the next stage, once all of your frontal field is clear, you will be put into a quick action cutscene. Its usually “press the spacebar 30 times in ten seconds” or something like “press Up down left up down spacebar left down up down” over the course of 3 seconds. Hard to do.

I can guarantee that this game will keep you entertained. Easy to learn, blisteringly hard to master. If you have ever played “typing of the dead”(, you importer you) Then this will come as a welcome zombie slaying game. Play well, my friend, and remember to keep some ice for those knuckles

10/10. You can really tell by the art and the colors that this game had a lot of work put into it.

10/10. Type, type, quick reaction cutscene, buy stuff, type faster, ducttape your knuckles back onto your hand.

10/10. Hard to explain, but it really complements the typing.

10/10. Type like a machine gun to survive in a ninja infested temple.

10/10. Letters and arrow keys, what more could one want?


February 4, 2008



A warrior, a traitor, a jester and an alchemist walk into a bar… All cheesy jokes aside, Morbus is a really fun platform\rpg combo. You run through the levels slaying your enemies, gaining levels, and buying gear to slay more enemies. Vicious cycle, no? As mentioned above, you have four classes to choose from and the advantages and disadvantages of each class are explained to you in the character selection screen.

Depending on which class you choose your controls will vary. In general the arrow keys control movement and ASD control actions. Enemies tend to charge right in so it’s simply a matter of timing when you are attacking them. Ranged enemies are a bit more of a challenge but since you slowly recover health and mana you can charge them for the most part.

The sprites all look a little funny, whether they have weak chins, pig snouts, or soulless yellow eyes. Despite this the graphics are pretty well done. You feel like the characters actually have personality just from their drawings and animation. The legs are a bit of a sticking point, though. Instead of having the characters legs crossing when they walk the legs just meet at the middle then spring out again. It’s not a make or break part of the game, but it looks really freaking weird.

I don’t know where the author got the music for this game but it fits so perfectly. Granted it’s one song of medium length that plays every couple of minutes, but I’m definitely not complaining. It breaks up what could have been a boring hack and slash game. Sound effects work well for the game and aren’t annoying, thankfully.

8/10. The creepy empty eyes of the Jester will gaze through your soul.

8/10. Sometimes a little slow and a little buggy, but still very fun. While the game can be completed in one sitting I would have preferred a save option.

7/10. I like the audio, but I don’t like that you can’t mute the game.

7/10. Fairly standard formula for gameplay; slay the enemies, level, slay the boss.

7/10. Keypress response is a little slow but otherwise the controls work.

Morbus is a fun game and I actually wanted to play through multiple times so I could see what each class is like. It didn’t feel like it was quite finished so I’m giving it 7/10.


February 2, 2008



Don’t you hate it when you’re traveling through the wilderness and get attacked by giant black frogs. What? You’ve never had that happen to you? Well you’re missing out. Fortunately you can experience that and much more with this game. Catacombs is a hack and slash Adventure/RPG where you run through the levels room by room, gaining better weapons and spells for your character as you progress through the six levels.

Controls are a little unconventional with this game and it takes some getting used to. Movement is done by aiming your mouse and clicking in the direction you want to travel. The only problem with this is you tend to travel rather close to the edge of the screen. Fortunately with most battles you aren’t in danger of running into a hidden enemy so this isn’t a major issue. Attacks are done by pressing the A, S, or D keys; the speed of your attacks varies with the weapon or spell you are currently holding as well as which attack button you use.

When I first saw this game I thought that it was done by Sinister Design, the same person that created the Telepath RPG games. This is not the case and you’ll find that the author has their own style of art as you make your way through the dungeon. One thing that did bother me is that the font is a little difficult to read, especially with the lack of strong contrast between the text and the background. Top-down games tend to present a challenge in terms of graphics because everything tends to look like two dimensional blobs, but JorjEade did a good job or trying to add enough detail to not have that issue.

I really liked the sound for this game. The music was of a low enough volume and subtle enough to add atmosphere without taking you out of the game. Sound effects were varied so you weren’t listening to the same noises over and over. I didn’t feel the need to mute the game and that’s always a plus in my book.

7/10. Sans serif font and more color variation in the dialog window needed.

8/10. Good pace in the game, didn’t feel like anything was drug out too long.

9/10. Good audio all around.

7/10. Escaping from a dungeon. Yeah, that’s been done before. So has the good/evil path. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a good game, though.

7/10. Controls are a bit awkward. Being able to use the scroll wheel on the mouse would have been helpful for switching weapons.

I like this game but I did have issues with the interface on several levels. Despite that I still gave it 8/10. Worth playing for a while, if not all the way through.

Mardek RPG: Chapter 1

January 29, 2008

Chapter 1
Mardek RPG: Chapter 1


Slay the dragon, rescue the princess, blah, blah, blah. Sounds like a boring old RPG, right? You couldn’t be more wrong, actually. Mardek RPG is a classic RPG in the vein of Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Phantasy Star. It’s an ambitious game spanning eight chapters with an engaging storyline that manages to keep a sense of humor throughout.

Controlling Mardek and co. doesn’t involve a lot of fancy footwork for moving around, but in battles you have a lot more to pay attention to with the physical and magical blocks. The battle skills can really help at times, most often by reducing damage from an attack or increasing the damage of your own attack. As long as you can keep track of who is being attacked and which button you need to press the controls shouldn’t prove to be that big of a challenge. You may find that battles get to be a bit tedious with the random encounters occurring fairly frequently but as with any typical RPG, battles are the only way to gain experience so you can progress further into the game.

When you first look at the game you’re going to see the pixelated characters and you may think that this is going to be pretty lousy. Fortunately the pixels aren’t the only graphic style as the battle scenes are fully animated and fairly well-drawn. And besides, the pixels are just another part of the homage to the RPGs of years past. Attack and defense animations are well done and when you see water it is typically animated. The overworld map looks sufficiently like something an adventurer would carry around with him and you can’t help but feel like you’re playing a classic console game at times with visuals like these.

The audio creates a rich atmosphere that really pulls you in, whether it be the music that plays in the background or the solid strikes you deliver to your enemies in combat. Nothing felt out of place in this game in terms of audio. I feel that a good balance was struck with the sound effects and the music, neither one overpowering the other.

9/10. This game was spot-on with the pixelelated characters in its attempt to capture the old-school feel.

8/10. There may not be much replay value here but the real fun is in the storyline and playing through to the end.

9/10. Audio was a real pleasure to experience in this game and I couldn’t imagine improving on it much.

10/10. Easily the best RPG series on Kongregate.

8/10. The controls take a battle or two to get the hang of but it’s nothing overly complex. There were some points where the mouse had to be used but for the majority of the game it was all keyboard driven.

With a few tweaks Mardek could have gotten full marks, but 9/10 isn’t too shabby.

Heh, had to update the lack of API comment now that Mardek has badges 🙂