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Magic Jet 2

June 15, 2008

Magic Jet 2


“As if these attack of the monster are not strong, in contaminating ceaseless expansion, all countries ought to organize immediately taking this piece of thing seriously.” Wow. This game has some awesome Engrish going on. Magic Jet 2 is a shmup that has your characters flying through the air without the assistance of wings, machinery, or hot air. I guess that’s why it’s called magic 🙂 At the beginning of each level you are given the choice of “Body Mode” or “Advance Mode”. Basically all this means is you’ll be firing directly from your body in an arc or from some objects that fly behind you in a straight line. I prefer Body Mode, but you’ll want to play around a little to see what works best for you.

The most common complaint is that the characters are very slow. After having tried out each character I can safely say this is a valid issue. They all are supposed to have different speeds but each character feels like they are flying at exactly the same speed. Ah well. The one nice thing I found about this game is that the controls are completely customizable. You can’t set your fire button to the mouse, but beyond that you really can’t ask for much more. The movements are pretty responsive, but you’ll need to anticipate your moves a bit as you can’t afford to be doing a lot of bullet dodging with the speed your character flies at.

The developer did really great work with the graphics. There are little details all over the place in the background and even though you won’t be able to spare much time to look at them you may want to pause the game to take a moment to appreciate the scenery. The enemies and your characters both are very well-drawn and there are little details like parts of your clothing that ripple in the wind or your hair being blown back away from your face that really make this game look great.

Now if you go into the options menu you’ll be able to mute the game, sound effects and all. You will, however, be missing out on some really great music. The sound effects certainly aren’t much to miss out on as they lack any sort of “oomph” but that’s okay. At least there are sound effects, right?

10/10. Absolutely loved the graphics on this game.

7/10. Speed doesn’t matter in your character, or so it seems. Otherwise fun.

8/10. The music is great but the sound effects leave something to be desired.

8/10. Your standard shooter.

9/10. The controls are almost completely customizable, but you can’t use the mouse.

Hearkens back to the days of the classic shooter. 8/10


Drakojan Skies Acolyte

May 18, 2008

Drakojan Skies Acolytes


It’s not often you see a decent Flash shmup on Kong. They are always either unfinished in one way or another, or the game is ruined by tryhard gameplay (One example, not naming names, even decides to kill your aiming just because you’ve moved down the screen).
But then you’ve got Drakojan Skies Acolytes, which I must say is orgasmic in my opinion, compared to the other shmups you get on Kongregate. You’ve got your classic fantasy plotline, Rebel against a royal Empire to protect and defend a lesser people, complete with rebel-rebels. Though, I’m not quite sure how a huge race of dragons can’t defend THEMSELVES, but hey, go with the flow =D.
Then you’ve got terrific gamelay, and yes, I do find holding a button and owning stuff to be amazing gameplay. Mainly because of the seemingly infinite amount of upgrades you can get. Seriously, your weapons just get better and better and better. There’s also the secondary objective you get in certain levels which can make your Kick-arse-ness even higher.
Saying this, I must say, Low quality is a MUST forthis game. Why? ’cause the graphics are brilliant! Minus one hiccup at a bad attempt at drawing a bird =S. Be very warned, The Boss Battles may be too graphical for most machines, more than once I’ve spiked and been owned by the time I’ve gotten back to normality.
You may have noticed that this game must be huge, and it is. Besides the upgrades, the many many different characters to play and ships to fly, equalling lots of different dialogues *drools*. You’ve also a brilliant soundtrack, though if you’re not into metal music, you may wanna turn it down a little =).

10/10. As good as it gets, amazing.

9/10. Typical shmup, with a couple of extra dimensions.

7/10. I adore it. But only cause I adore metal. Also there’s no mute button.

9/10. Tried and tested neo-fantasy awesomness. Quite a few times.

9/10. Brilliant until the boss battles, requiring a drop in quality.

An almost perfect morsel of awesomeness. If it weren’t for the lag, and the lack of variety on the music front. 9/10.