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August 7, 2008



Sorry, I haven’t the time to do a review… I am very on the clock right now. But all I can say is: Think areas.

Colorful, yet bland…

A shooter.

AWESOME. It is very foreign yet PAINFULLY catchy.

Use awesome music to make a shooter fun.

It utilizes mouse technology.



Endless war 3

July 29, 2008

Endless war 3


There have been three endless wars? Erm… wouldn’t one have to end for another to begin?

Quarrels with terminology aside, this game is real fun. There’s shooting… lotsa shootin’. The concept of all the booms and ka-blamos and bangs is that you are some military guy(Could be from one of many wars) and you have to clear the screen of enemies, then leave the screen. Easier said than done, as deaths come easily. Amazingly enough, friendly fire is in the game. when I play as the mutants, It becomes very fun just to nail your slimy amigos with an enemy flamethrower. Now, this isn’t essential to gameplay, but teamkilling is remarkable in fun.

I don’t like the fact that every freaking moment the screen is full of life-ending bullets, but hey, it’s war.

Top down cartoons.

Pew pew. Tons of good gunplay.

Just sound effects, which are pew pew’s and ahhhhh’s

Top-down battles in parts of 4 campaigns.


Doodle defender

July 17, 2008

Doodle Defender


A limited time offer! Your doodles come to life and fight, no hallucinations needed!

I love to draw, and this game caters to my (somewhat) artistic side. You begin by drawing a ship, which is completely up to you how it looks. I chose a stick figure with a revolver and sunglasses, and threw myself into battle. My first impressions found the game as a doodle-themed version of asteroids, and that is a very vague definition. There are RPG elements, like the store, which include some fun abilities like modifications to your ship, going faster, and etc. etc.

But the gameplay is rather well presented. You float around destroying your triangle enemies and making blue barriers to ward them off. This is done by pressing shift, and there is nothing better than capturing a high level enemy in a wall and then glassing them. The sound is very, very good. There is a mute button, but there are so many songs and genres of songs that there is no need to. They all accompany the triangle blasting very well. This game comes with a 9/10 from me, and I hope you share my thoughts.

The background is paper, and you are part of it.

It ends up feeling very arcadey.

Many, many different songs, with the ability to change among them. Yay.

Draw a ship and fight, the procrastinator’s way!

arrow keys with shift to make a wall.

Go forth and doodle!

Pop Pirates

July 8, 2008

Pop Pirates


So you know how the RIAA is getting upset at you for stealing their music, right? Well apparently a virus is returning the favor and stealing your music files. Take the fight to the guts of your computer in a heated battle for control of your music. Is there a message here? Probably not. Just shoot stuff, get powerups, and have fun.

Fly your little…dude around the screen destroying your enemies. Pick up the music files they leave behind but be quick about it. The songs degrade pretty soon so the faster you grab them the more points you’ll earn. Some enemies drop items and for the most part these are offensive upgrades except for the magnetotron, which draws music files towards you. Try to avoid getting hit because you’ll lose an upgrade for each hit you take. This can really take its toll in the long run.

9/10. Good variety of enemies.

8/10. More powerups than you can shake a stick at. Seriously.

6/10. Music needs some variety.

7/10. It’s a shooter, but at least it has an original storyline.

8/10. All mouse, all good.

This is your basic shooter but it’s a real blast to play. Yay for bad plays on words. 8/10

Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars

June 26, 2008

Aliens Must Die: The Jupiter Wars


Aliens Must Die is a Kongregate-Exclusive game that pits you, a solo pilot, against hordes of aliens that resemble asteroids, jellyfish, and other oddities. Your co-pilot Annie is there to advise you, pester you, and warn you that you’re taking a beating. Do your best to dodge the enemy, but that won’t be an easy task… Fly around the levels to earn multipliers and weapon, health, and shield upgrades. Every few levels a new enemy gets introduced and you’ll have to learn a new style of gameplay to combat this foe.  As a note, you gather debris (the circles compose of triangles) to release gears that allow you to upgrade your weaponry.  This gets to be pretty important so keep gathering that debris as often as possible

The movement reminds me of a spasmodic person trying to bust some funky moves on the dance floor while hopped up on pixie sticks and Red Bull. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m not too fond of the controls. You zoom around the level at the slightest touch of the button and considering the sheer number of enemies you’re facing by level 5 this can cause some serious complications. Sitting still won’t work either as there are enemies that shoot at you and others that just try to ram you. Besides that, you won’t be able to pick up the powerups as they end up getting scattered all over the screen. The control issue has been fixed and now you glide around the screen and can turn and stop on a dime.  This makes for a considerably better playing experience and I was able to get a lot further in the game that I ever could before.  Kudos to the devs for fixing this rather critical issue.   Another redeeming thing about this is if you press “P” you can go into the options menu and turn on autofire so all you have to do is aim.

The ships, background, animations…well, pretty much everything visual with this game is just plain awesome. There’s tons of detail and enemies galore. Even the bullets are multi-toned; how cool is that? The background is static but there are two layers so it gives the impression of some animations going on back there. Now as to the music, there’s some very nice music involved though it does have a “Doctor Who” quality to it. The sound effects are nicely suited to the game and nothing really sticks out as not fitting in with the style.

10/10. Really nice and shiny graphics.

7/10. Lots of repetition.

8/10. Excellent audio options provided.

6/10. Well, it’s definitely a defense game.

8/10. Flail=fail. MUCH smoother controls now.  This game is considerably more enjoyable thanks to the change.

Yeah, it’s another defense game. Still pretty fun despite that. 8/10

Cursor Attack 3

June 21, 2008

Cursor Attack 3


We’ve all played mouse avoider games, haven’t we? Well, this game puts a twist on that. You have to avoid obstacles, like in any mouse avoider game, but you have to shoot targets, like in an action game. As I played on, the difficulty increased and I had to face harder challenges. It’s a puzzle, action and a shooting game. Crazy combination for a crazy game.

The game has some nice graphics and good animations, big improvements from the previous games. The backgrounds are pretty basic, though. A background with some moving features that move with the mouse would have been good. Because this game uses the mouse, when I move the mouse out of the game screen to do something else, my mouse keeps vanishing on me. It makes it very hard to know what I’m trying to click on. Quite annoying, really.

In terms of gameplay, the game starts off simple, but gets harder. The game may seem like some sort of asteroid clone at the start, but it becomes much more than that in later levels. There’s a pong level and a few mouse avoider levels. Later levels do seem very hard, but can be completed. Still, though, I think the levels are well made. The different targets make this game fun and difficult.

The music and sounds are very good. No need for improvement there.

7/10. Good graphics and animations, but the backgrounds were too simple and boring.

10/10. Fun and challenging.

10/10. Great music and a good choice of sounds.

10/10. Definately a brilliant twist on mouse avoider games and shooting games.

8/10. Mouse to move, click to shoot. Simple. Hated how my mouse vanished when I moved it out of the game area.

Overall, the game gets 9/10. Great improvements and challenges in the game. The backgrounds could use a bit of work, however. Still, though, it’s a fantastic game. Worth playing.

Warfare Transporter

June 17, 2008

Warfare Transporter


The life of a war profiteer isn’t an easy one. You’re just trying to make a buck off of the pain and suffering of others but all of these guys are trying to take you out to prevent you from supplying weapons to their enemies. Don’t they know you have a family to feed? Heh, I’ll step down off of my soapbox for now. In Warfare Transporter you’re moving weapons across dangerous waters and enemy subs, planes, and balloons are out to make your life absolutely miserable. Dodge the projectiles and destroy the enemies or be destroyed yourself.

Using your mouse you can cruise back and forth across the screen and fire your cannon at enemies passing overhead or drop mines on the submarines traveling underwater. Trajectories play a large role in this game and you’ll have to plan accordingly to make sure you’ll hit your target. If you are cruising forwards or backwards your shots will be angled in the same direction and your trajectory will be even greater. If you’re really good you can shoot enemy gunfire out of the sky though that doesn’t net you a lot of points. Also watch out for your own gunfire as that can kill you just as surely as enemy fire can.

As you probably already know, we’re big fans of Mateusz’s work. His graphics style is just plain awesome and this game is no exception. It looks like pretty much everything was done in watercolor and there’s a real old-fashioned style to the map and the game itself. Whats also great is just the style of the ships and enemies; they’re all slightly deformed and some of the best features get exaggerated because of this. It makes for a great game to look at.

The lack of audio is pretty much the norm for Mateusz’s games. He instead opts for ambient noise like wind or engine sounds to be the “music” and he makes up for it with the graphics and the gameplay. The sound effects are pretty excellent here, with very convincing explosions and shot sounds. The one thing I would have liked to hear is sounds for the mines getting dropped. Sounds can and do travel underwater so why not in the game?

9/10. Watercolors abound!

8/10. Early levels are easy but later levels really ramp up the difficulty.

7/10. No music, but some cool ambient effects.

8/10. Cool concept and implementation.

8/10. As always, mouse wins!

Fun game for the first few levels but frustration will set in around level 4. 8/10