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Mini PuTT 3

June 24, 2008

Mini PuTT 3


I’ll be unabashedly honest here; minigolf is a great date activity. It’s difficult to be serious when you’re playing this game and you both just get to be yourselves and goof off around the course. Mini PuTT 3 is not a game you should play for a date, but it’s still a fun way to spend some time. Drop the ball on the putting green, take aim, set your power, then go to town. A nice feature added to this game is the hotseat option, allowing for up to four players on one game. If you want to go dutch, you most certainly can 🙂

Everything’s done by the mouse here, which is pretty much just dropping, aiming, and shooting. You can scroll the screen to get more power but if you make your shot too powerful you will shoot right over the hole. Make it too weak and you’ll either not make it over obstacles or fall short of your goal. Use banking to your advantage to make birdies or even hole-in-one shots.

The first several versions of this game weren’t much to look at but psychogoldfish has done some work on the graphics and this game looks considerably improved over the first one. There are even some animations so that’s an added bonus. Unfortunately there’s still no music and I think the game could use some. The sound effects are nearly non-existant and there’s no mute so you’re stuck listening to the ball drop into the hole and the other few effects you may encounter along the way.

8/10. A vast improvement over the previous games.

7/10. Some replay value, but not a lot of it.

3/10. Needs music and a mute.

7/10. Minigolf = good times.

8/10. All mouse, alright.

Worth a play if you have five minutes to spare. 7/10



February 25, 2008



I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of sports or sports game. So why would I be reviewing a sports game, you ask? Well it just so happens that Rebounce is a really fun sports game. I think the last sports game I enjoyed was Mutant League Football on the Sega Genesis, and that was back in 1993. You have two options at the start of the game, either the minute round or open court. The minute round has you attempting to make as many shots and as high a score as possible in one minute whereas the open court allows you to practice without a time limit.

You move and aim the ball with the mouse button and you click to shoot with the left mouse button. Spacebar allows you to recover from a fumbled shot or if you’re just not happy with how the current one is going. I found at times it seemed like the shot was just a little too weak or way too strong to make the basket, but that got better with practice. Since the game is controlled by the mouse it’s pretty easy to jump right in and start playing but you may want to start with the open court option to get the hang of shooting the ball.

The game is drawn to look like a basketball court you’d find at most downtown parks, but with nominal details. The most detail you’re going to find is on the basketball itself, but the basket is a floating ring and the net is some white shading below. The buildings are merely a hint of a city skyline and the clouds are basic drawings as well. This was very intentional as the main focus is on the gameplay itself, not on wowing the player with intense graphics or mindblowing animations. You’re just here to shoot some hoops and not have to worry about the game slowing down because of some lens flare from a bypassing car or something like that.

The main menu has a catchy jazz tune playing in the background and this loops repeatedly. Once you get into the game you hear the all too familiar guitar riff from Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” mixed with drums and some other beats. This is a great tune to play the game by and I really enjoyed it, but you can always mute the music by pressing “S” if you don’t like listening to it. Sound effects will still play and once you mute the music you can’t unmute it. Something odd I noticed is that even though the menu music loops the game music doesn’t. That would have been a nice addition to have in the game. The music can also serve as an audio reminder in the minute round to see how close to the end you are.

8/10. Simple is good considering the focus of the game.

8/10. Fast-paced shots that can take a fair amount of skill if you want to end up with a high score. Very fun.

7/10. Good source songs and you can mute if you don’t like the music. Audio track in the game should have been looped, though.

7/10. It’s like playing a timed game of Horse with yourself.

7/10. The controls work well for what’s being provided but even with practice it still felt like some shots were based on luck.

A pretty fun game that provided for a lengthy amount of entertainment. 7/10

Extreme Heli Boarding

February 2, 2008

Extreme Heli Boarding
Extreme Heli Boarding


Jump out of a helicopter for a thrilling ride through the untouched snow.

Funny. You start on the mountain, not falling out of a helicopter. False advertising.

So, anyway, you control a snowboarder and must snowboard down an infinite mountain, doing flips and collecting very low stars for time and points. Points are awarded for doing flips and collecting stars, but that’s it. If he could actually do a stunt, I would have actually liked it more. So, you’re given a time of 30 seconds. You get time from checkpoints and brown stars, but lose some from crashing aswell as receiving tyre damage. Actually, I thought the crashing was bad. No flailing ragdoll at all.

“Repetitive” is what I’ll sum this game up as. However, the creator tried to have change by adding logs and pigs that knock you off your board, but this feature did not reduce repetitivity. Out of everything to have in this game, a pause button wasn’t added. Pause features are needed.

People have called this game “fast paced”. Our snowboarder dude is in no rush to get down the mountain, however. Speaking of mountain, it’s very basically designed. No rocks, trees or abominable snowmen. The controls are also basic. Up to slightly accelerate, left and right to tilt. Simple, but sometimes simplicity isn’t good. The music was also simple. I was reminded of several midi’s playing at the same time. Dunno why.

No stars will increase these scores.

5/10. Basically detailed, needs moar flailing ragdoll.

4/10. Straight line repetitivity that may change by 1 or 2 degrees, but still stays the same. Hardly any fun after a minute or two. Where’s the heli?

4/10. Music failed to impress me. Same with sounds.

4/10. Teagames did this better, in my opinion.

5/10. Simple arrow keys, but needs moar pause!

Overall, 4/10. Teagames made better games like this. Same concept, but better gameplay. You could say this game went downhill from the very start.