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Territory WAR online: beta

August 6, 2008

Territory wars online Beta


The original territory wars is a classic flash game. It is a couple years old now, and I have been playing it from then. Don’t call me biased, but see me as someone reviewing something in retrospect.

While, yes, this is a beta, it is very fun. I am judging it on the content it is giving me. There isn’t much, but what there is can only be described as fun. The game is turn based, much like worms. You can only move a certain distance without being able to move further, putting a focus on long range combat. The online feature is insane fun, but many users are, well, pwnable n00bs. There is a blt of lag, but I am told that it works best in a browser that I don’t use(IE). I highly recommend it.

Stick figures and well drawn locales.


Loud guitar music.

Bring an awesome turn based game online.

Keyboard power!
The full version can be found at